The Victor Smile Foundation was created in 2007 by Richard S. Victor, Co-founder/Co-creator of the International parent education program known as SMILE (Start Making It Livable for Everyone). The Victor Smile Foundation is a nonprofit tax-exempt private foundation, which has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) organization.  Through the dissemination of the book “You and Me Make Three”, VSF hopes to help children and parents, going through the divorce and separation process, make it more livable. The mission of VSF is to provide education and guidance to children, parents and families, in order to help them understand the changes which occur to the family when divorce becomes a life choice for parents. The Victor Smile Foundation will receive 100% of the royalties from EDCO Publishing, Inc., which would otherwise have been paid to Richard S. Victor for his work and contribution to this book. VSF will use those proceeds to give copies of this book to schools and libraries around the country, at no cost.

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The Victor Smile Foundation is proud of its association with EDCO Publishing, Inc., publisher of “You and Me Make Three”. This book, written for young children to help them cope with the changes and challenges associated with divorce and separation, also assists parents by providing, on each page, “SMILE Tips for Parents.” This information, which was written for the book by Richard S. Victor, reminds parents how to control themselves during the transition, especially around their children, in order to help them through the process. As an added benefit from both the text of the book and the tips for parents, both children and parents will learn to cope better with the separation and divorce process.

You and Me Make Three” has been recognized as one of the nations leading books with the 2008 iParenting Award; 2008 Hermes Platinum Creative Award; and the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award.

“You and Me Make Three” may be purchased at most national book stores,, or by visiting


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Readers of this book will discover that the title more than adds up to an insightful and helpful look at the world of divorce through the eyes of those left in its wake. The book is a collaborative effort of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan family law attorney and SMILE Co-founder Richard S. Victor ( and co-authors Wendy Lokken, Gwendy Mangiamele, Edna Cucksey Stephens, and illustrator Heather Drescher. Its central character is “B.B. the Bear,” a “special friend” for kids to “talk to when divorce happens in their families.” From the mouth of a bear, in the book, come words that are meant to ease a child’s transition into life in separate homes.” A toy bear named “B.B.” is sold separately and should accompany the book for children.



“Even though you may not all live in the same home, both your parents still love you just as they always have,” B.B. says in the opening page of the beautifully illustrated book. “I will be a reminder of how much your Mom and Dad love you. When you take me to your Mom’s . . . you and me make three. And when you to take me to your Dad’s. . . you and me make three too”.

The underlying theme of the parent education program SMILE, offered around the United States and Australia for parents going through divorce and which this book is based on, is to teach parents that “the greatest gift they can give their children is the right to love the other parent,” Parents learn that even though they may no longer be marriage partners, they will always be parent partners for their children. The messages contained in the book include:

“When children have regular routines, they are less likely to be overwhelmed by the changes separation brings.”

 “In addition to fun activities, both parents should establish ‘normal’ routines with chores, bedtime rules, standards for behavior, and regular meals to help children feel stable and secure.”

The book through the use of beautiful illustrations offers a glimpse at the daily lives of kids—at home, at play, at school, and with relatives, especially their grandparents. It also addresses the need for parents to be sensitive when introducing new boyfriends or girlfriends and their families to children, noting, “new relationships may contribute to their sense of insecurity and instability.” It closes with the 10-point “Children’s Bill of Rights” that underscores the SMILE program.

The purchase of the book, which sells for $19.95 and the bear for $15.95, will help in providing funds to allow the Victor Smile Foundation to provide this book to schools and libraries around the country. This will give more children and families a greater opportunity to receive the important information, which will help families, otherwise in dysfunction, learn to cope with each other and explain how parents can both work together to help their children through a most difficult time in their lives. The mission of the Foundation is to be able to assist in having this book make its way into every library and school in the United States.

The Victor Smile Foundation encourages therapists, judges and family law attorneys to either recommend this book or purchase a copy of this book to give or lend to their patients and or clients, who are going through divorce, in order to help them through a difficult time in their lives, as well as to be able to understand how to help themselves and their children.

“You and Me Make Three” may be purchased at most national book stores,, or by visiting


Edco Publishing Co., will pay 100% of the royalties,
Mr. Victor would have received for his contribution to the book,
to the Victor Smile Foundation.


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